Poetry from past & current clients!

The following is a client's experience with using all 5 senses to eat an orange in order to practice "mindfulness".



"The first burst of the orange opening that my senses noticed was how the smell immediately brings you to a warm climate, sandy beaches and a gentle breeze.  As you begin to peel it, a sense of comfort washes over you as it's slick, partial wetness and stickyness brings you to a school classroom.  When you bring that first piece to your mouth, you notice the citrusy scent that tingles your nose, and that first bite as it burns your lips and your mouth is enveloped by sweetness, which makes you feel like you are a kid in a candy store remembering a time when you did enjoy the little things.  That's where I've been lacking as a human being; realizing the joy of eating an orange makes me aware of the joy i've lost in my life".



My outlook on lesson one is very distorted.  I have always understood anger one way, the way I've learned to understand it.  It's the wrong way and with all the misconceptions I had with anger, aggression and assertivesness.  I'm amazed that I'm still standing and have a wife and child that I can still call mine.  I have read lesson one and I think I made a personal breakthrough just by understanding that you don't have to be aggressive when you're angry, that it doesn't have to go hand and hand.


Composed by:  J.T.

Copyright 09/01/2013

Born and Raised in L-Town


Born & raised in L-Town

where everyone's a shark.

Born & raised in L-Town, It's more than just street smart.

Born & raised in L-Town

our hustle is an art.



It's a place like cheers in Boston,

everybody knows your name.

You know the people so well

cause you have to know their game.

A place where wrong makes you belong.

A place you don't make friends,

along comes L-A shuffle & the friendship always ends.


The cops they know each game run too.

If you live their then they know you.

Seasons are a changing-Vacationland its called.

It happens all around us but not this side the Falls.

You see the change of seasons by where the heads & junkies meet.

We know we've run it to the ground,

No need to be discreet.


So if you're passing through there just go from A to Z.

No matter where you're looking,

Don't learn from what you see.

Cuz once you get it in your soul

you're stuck here just like me.


Composed by:  D. P. 

Copyright 03/26/2010


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