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I ask to freely give what was so freely given to me!


Good afternoon,

               I am typing this letter to explain my experience at The Solution Recovery Center, more importantly to explain my experience with Tina and even more importantly to explain that I am not the man I used to be.  I feel I need to give a brief backstory of myself so that a picture can be painted to understand how I am a changed man and how it relates to Tina and The Solution Recovery Center. 

               Let’s start with my sobriety date Feb 23, 2014.  I was lost, lonely and broken.  I was struggling with drugs, alcohol and only had been sober for minutes.  I had hit a wall in my life that there was no hope of a future, no hope of ever getting out of this one.  It was only a few weeks later I found myself still sober, but homeless.  I started attending AA meetings, I was seeing a psychologist, but something was still not right.  I continued with AA month after month and couch after couch, sober but still very unhappy, depressed and lost.  I had met a friend in a program, she had started talking about someone she was seeing, who was really helping her with life and with coping with a new found sobriety.  We talked more about it and that very day I reached out to The Solution Recovery Center and thus began my journey.

               It was mid-August when I first saw Tina.  She was very easy to be open with and share everything with, not just my struggles with drugs and alcohol.  She listened, she never judged and always kept welcoming me back with open arms, no matter what was discussed.  A few months had gone by while working with her, and the 12 steps came up in our session.  I had already started working them with someone and was almost to the point of being knee deep in them.  We had come to an agreement that I could work them with her, but I would just have to be willing to start from the beginning. Without hesitation, the journey began. 

               Month after month, sweat after sweat and tear after tear. It was the best and the worst work I had ever done.  I was tired.  I was emotionally, physically and spiritually drained, Tina was right there the whole time to be there with me, while I did it.  Throughout our time working, we would pray, laugh and cry, it would always be together.  I had someone there to help me face some of the biggest issues in my life.  The more I worked with Tina, the more I became independent, stronger and free of the trials and addictions that I had faced in the past.  I was on the road to becoming a new man, with her help. 

               My work with Tina just ended at the beginning of August, work on me now continues second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour.  I would not be here right now doing what I am doing if it weren’t for God, Sobriety and Tina’s help.  It was an amazing blessing to be able to work with Tina over the course of a year.  It will be a time that I will always will be grateful for.  Working with Tina will always be a part of my story of recovery.  If the thought of working with her ever pops into your head, I strongly suggest that you listen to that thought, you may just have one of the best starts to the greatest journey you could ever take.   


B. W.

I am writing as a client of The Solution Recovery Center, LLC.  I have an addiction to alcohol.  My original reason for seeking counseling was to satisfy the requirements for the department of motor vehicles.


After meeting my counselor, Tina Brown, who is the owner/director of The Solution Recovery Center, I realized I needed and wanted to face my addiction head on.  Thanks to numerous counseling sessions and group therapy, (which is offered to clients) I have no desire to drink and find myself on a road to a New and Better Life.


Thank you all for being there.  S.S 


P.S. - There Is A Solution!



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